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About the Founder


Nesha was born and raised in an underserved community on the west side of Chicago. Despite the shortcomings of her community, she refused to succumb to her surroundings. The lack thereof built her character by teaching her humility and how to use the resources she has to still reach her destiny. Although her journey has been without guidance, she continued to find her way toward her goals. 

After assisting in caring for her grandfather, she understood first hand the existing health disparities. Nesha also realized there weren’t many minorities in healthcare to understand what her grandfather was going through. Healthcare is more than disease and treatment. Nesha knew she wanted to be a physician, but after witnessing the lack of minorities in major healthcare fields, she realized it was an area that needed more focus. 

As a non-traditional student for medical school, she wants to support and create a space for guidance for those who need assistance after undergraduate or graduate school to accomplish their goals and reach their dreams. Nesha knows what it is like to travel on this journey in healthcare without mentoring or guidance. She wants to create an organization where other students and professionals seek to show those following different or better routes to take from their mistakes.

She is a Christian and serves as a youth mentor and leader. She is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Health Sciences. Outside of medicine, research, and administration, she enjoys music, playing her piano, and singing.

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