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The Battle with Time

"Patience is a virtue." That’s a saying that will live on forever. But growing up, it didn’t mean anything to me until now.

My journey in medicine has taught me many life lessons. What I thought was only a “school” process has shed light to many different necessities of life. It allows you to see the strength or characteristics you didn’t even know existed.

Some of us have the habit of planning out what WE think should happen in our life. Even for this Foundation, I started this business in 2016 but I couldn’t launch it until I was in a particular place in my life to do so. Every time something happened differently in MY schedule of life, I waited.

Well, enough was enough. I couldn’t wait any longer. It was this year I learned I needed to develop better patience. Not just for my process, but for people, situations, and just overall.

My main goal has always been to be all that God created me to be. Sometimes, when we know we are called to do something, we run from it OR we rush to get there. But again, this is another battle with time.

We always think life is a straight line and we never want to take that narrow, curved, bumpy path to the promise land. We want it easy and quick! But I’m reminded that....endurance produces character, and character produces hope....and without hope, we have nothing to work or reach for.

So all of this to say, be patient! Let life and God make you into the best you possible!

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