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Volunteer Opportunities 

Position Descriptions

Administrative Assistant


The Minority White Coat Foundation is looking for someone who will be responsible for aiding the daily overall operations through administrative support. 


Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Work as the first point of contact for the foundation.

  • Answers and directs phone calls, emails and other inquiries relating to the foundation in a timely manner. 

  • Provides administrative support such as typing, filing, copying binding, scanning etc.

  • Assists with the scheduling and planning of all meetings as well as takes minutes at all meetings.

  • Create and coordinate all events (assisted by the event planner) to ensure its success. Events will include the following:  Annual Scholarship Gala, Conferences, Sponsored/Collaborated events with external partners, and fundraising campaign events.

  • Oversee and work in conjunction with the marketing and communications person to coordinate and ensure all fundraising campaigns are presented in a timely manner according to planned schedules

  • Works with graphic designer and various ad-hoc committees, to successfully market all the foundation’s programs and events.


This is an unpaid Volunteer/Intern position 

Time requirement: 15-20 hours per week


Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator manages administrative tasks determining and implementing policies and procedures, managing program-related internal and external communications and organizing and maintaining the MWCF program agendas.  This person would be responsible for coordinating meetings, data tracking and database management for all MWCF programs including: Tutoring, Mentor and Student Ambassador Programs. Retain the integrity of all MWCF programs and be responsible for its success. 


Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 


  • Support planning and coordination of programs and its activities

  • Ensure implementation of policies and practices created for each program

  • Manage communications through media relations, social media etc.

  • Help build positive relations within the team and external parties

  • Schedule and organize meetings/events and maintain agenda

  • Prepare paperwork and order materials as needed with the appropriate approvals

  • Keep updated records and create reports and/or proposals

  • Create and maintain growth and program development by obtaining new members and clients and retaining existing members.

  • Provide other job-related duties as assigned by the management team of the MWCF

  • Other responsibilities as assigned or required.


This is an unpaid Volunteer / Intern position 

Time requirement:  15 - 20 hours per week


Graphic Designer

The Minority White Coat Foundation is looking for a nicely skilled and proven volunteer Graphic Designer/Digital Animator. This person will be responsible for assisting with the creation of designs based on the creative brief, the information provided by the staff and any other available research/information. The ideal candidate should have original ideas, create impressive designs, with attention to detail. This role will support the design and creative functions of the foundation for all marketing channels.  The Graphic Designer will work closely with the Founder and Executive Officer and is expected to take direction well, be a team player, and contribute actively to their role. Projects will include the creation of promotional, educational, and resource materials.


Graphic Designer Qualifications/Skills:

  • Assist with the creation of hard and soft copy files

  • Assist  in the writing and editing of informational materials and report

  • Attend planning meetings for marketing and development and ideas

  • Assist with the creation of invitations for the Fundraisers

  • Assist to create contents to social media platforms for marketing promotion

  • Create for content and data for all needed presentations


This is an unpaid Volunteer/Intern position 

Time requirement: 10 hours per week


Marketing and Communications Specialist

The Minority White is seeking someone to join our team to manage marketing and operational aspects of the business. This core member will need to be one who takes initiative, has strong written and verbal communication skills, social media experience, copy-writing abilities, project management skills and precise attention to detail. 


Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Establish and manage our social media community.

  • Serve as Editor of the MWCF Weekly Report, a monthly e-newsletter sent to all subscribed members including content creation, aggregation, and production.

  • Maintain website content

  • Manage multiple social media/ email marketing campaigns simultaneously to promote various MWCF events, fundraising and product offerings. 

  • Perform Data Analytics reporting to confirm interactions across all communication channels

  • Other responsibilities as assigned or required. 


This is an unpaid Volunteer/Intern position 

Time requirement:  10 - 15 hours per week


Community Relations Coordinator

MWCF is looking for a core team person to assist with community outreach activities and programs. This person will represent the organization in a variety of public settings to increase awareness of the foundation. 


Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Organize engagements and collaborated events with external foundations and community organizations that support the mission of the MWCF

  • Work with the Executive Officer and Financial team to come up with ideas and 

assist with the implementation of community fundraising ideas, as well as seeking out community grant collaborations.

  • Develop and implement integrated communications strategies that support the organization's community engagement goals.

  • Strategize and develop partnerships within the city of Chicago directly correlated to the MWCF mission.

  • Provide feedback and consultative advice on the communication of community engagement goals and initiatives.

  • Introduce newly identified resources that maximize internal and external communications.

  • Other responsibilities as assigned or required. 


This is an unpaid Volunteer/Inter position

Time requirement:  10 hours per week


Business Consultant

This core team member will be responsible for helping the MWCF to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions for meeting our overall goals. Also, provide management consulting to help us to improve our performance and efficiency. 


Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Assist with board member development and orientation and help develop annual and long-term strategic priorities and goals according to the mission of the foundation.

  • Implementation of evaluation processes to pinpoint successes and shortcomings.

  • Assist and work with other team members for executive searches, membership promotion, marketing, public relations with external collaborations and partnerships.

  • Other responsibilities as assigned or required. 


This is an unpaid Volunteer/Intern position

Time requirement:  10 hours per week

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